Diakouli is located 350km southeast of Ouagadougou in the Tapoa region of eastern Burkina Faso. It covers an area of approximately 145km2. It lies about 15km north-northeast of Orbis Gold Ltd's gold discovery of 1.8Moz at Natougou.

 The Exploration Permit covers a poorly exposed area of Birimian Belt rocks and magnetic interpretation suggests underlying leptynite, basalt, gabbro and diorite rock-types. At the surface, the area is covered by residual laterite and transported soils which form a low plateau from about 254m to 311m above sea level.



Blina was attracted to the area by exploration results from a previous explorer. The concession was previously soil sampled at a broad regional scale of 1,000x1,000m with some infill to 1,000m x 500m in the western part. In all, a total of 332 soil samples and 40 rock samples were collected during the programme. The soil sampling showed high gold values in excess of 50ppb. 



The regional setting of the Exploration License just 15km from the Natougou gold deposit on an interpreted north-northwest trending structure and along trend from the regional soil geochemistry anomaly of Orbis Gold makes the tenement an attractive exploration prospect.

Blina is currently undertaking an extensive and ambitious programme to fully explore the geological, geochemical and geophysical data on the license. Several targets of potential soil anomalies have been identified and are being explored thoroughly.




Diakouli Permit - just 15km north of the 1.8Moz Natougou gold discovery


Diakouli Permit is presented on the map below