WeLCOme TO BLIna mIneraLS


Blina Minerals changed its name from Blina Diamonds in March 2011, in response to the Company’s change in strategy. Blina’s Board has taken the decision that it needs to be a player in other commodities and, in keeping with its explorer roots, the Company has looked to expand into brave new frontiers in the fulfilment of its vision to become a solid mining company.

Focus is currently on the sourcing of a project which is closer to cash flow.

The Board is concentrating on minerals such as coal, copper, gold, manganese or iron ore, and is willing to look at jurisdictions where political risk is low and investment policies are conducive to a company such as Blina.

Traditionally in diamonds, Blina continues to hold its tenement package in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Current diamond prices and exchange rates still render the exploration of these alluvial deposits marginal at best.